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Description of the Project

Turkey provided refuge to 1.8 million Syrians, almost half of those fleeing the country. This figure represents nearly 98% of their total refugee population.This fact makes Turkey the country to host the largest refugee population for that year.

Social enterprises is of great importance to create new job opportunities for migrants, enhancing their empowerment and enabling them to work in a fair and equal environment, including as entrepreneurs.

However, the education systems do not include sufficient entrepreneurial education and most people lack the skills necessary for entering the modern business landscape.

Edu4Sent has been designed with strong cooperation of cross sectoral organisations in the countries which represents one of the most important boundary of Europe for migrants (refugees and asylum seekers) whose arrival from the Mediterranean.

The crucial for our project is to empower migrants and refugees to develop the skills and to get access to knowledge and competences that can enable them to build a solid livelihood, including the possibility of becoming entrepreneurs and thus contribute to further job creation.

The project aims to aims to help young adult refugees and asylum seekers develop social entrepreneurship competencies to create their own jobs.

In 24 months , we aim to enhance the social entrepreneurship knowledge and competencies of educators working for organisations with low – skilled young adult refugees and asylum seekers in order to support them in promoting social entrepreneurship in the long-run by creating an educational content and an open access online course(OOC) with 5 partners from Turkey, Greece, Poland and Italy by increasing their capacity in Social Entrepreneurship Education.