LTT Activity

A learning teaching training activity was held in Larissa ,Greece between 26-30 September 2022 .A total of 9 educators participated  the event and all of them was selected by the partner organisations.The meeting  served as the beginning of the social entrepreneurship  training and the development of the MOOCs.Before the event,İED developed the agenda and the presentations  platform dedicated to the training with the help of PAYDAS.Participants of the event were educators/facilitators  of different subjects and selected by the partner’s in line with the criteria set in the project meeting. The event consisted of different workshops.During the first  workshops, IED provided participants information and material for the respective topics. They were also  assisted by the  partners and PAYDAS.In the last workshops, all participants  took the lead of the session.They were also  divided in international teams and assigned on these teams .The participants were encouraged to test the different modules of EDU4SENT online course and finish the evaluation quizzes.In this way and they carried out  the testing of trainings in the course.