Multiplier Event-1

A multiplier event has been held for 140 participants by PAYDAS and Governmentship of Zonguldak.The participants were-Educators working with refugees and asylum seekers.We will select the participants;Selected by gender equality-The participants of the MOOCs for joint staff trainings outside the partnership -Young adults with migrant background-Enterprises  to share their experiences a the best practises

The event was divided into two parts. The first part was designed as a dissemination event that  the project and the results  was introduced.The Governor of Zonguldak opened the event with a speech and all the protol members in the city participated. The projects’ aims & objectives, results and activities as well as the EU contribution and support were presented and analysed towards the participants coming from the projects’ desired target groups and stakeholders.Also there has been  keynote speakers on Good  Practices.
In the second part there have been 4  workshops for educators working with low skilled adults in three topics.These workshop topics have been determined grounded on the O1/OOC modules:

Workshop 1: Social Entrepreneurship
Workshop 2: Social Business Plan
Workshop  3: Personal Development In Social Entrepreneurship
Workshop 4: Setting Up, Managing And Growing A Social Enterprise
Workshop  5: Potential As A Social Entrepreneur