O1:Open Online Course for Social Entrepreneurship
A multilingual LMS will be developed in order to create an online space as connection for project target groups (Educators/professionals working in organizations, providing support to migrant populations) and will host all the digital learning materials created during the project and will support the dissemination of project: events, activities, materials and results.It will be aimed to equip educators working for organizations with low – skilled young adult refugees and asylum seekers in order to support them in promoting social entrepreneurship knowledge, abilities and skills. It will include a course, trainer guidelines, evaluation tools and e-learning platform. The content will be customized for the needs of disabled and sensitive social groups. It will be available in English,Turkish,Polish;Greek and Italian languages free and easily accessible.

O2:Educational Content for Social Entrepreneurship:

Educational Content of the open online course will be developed specifically for the target group, with a unique and innovative focus on the way participants (migrants and refugees) acquire the appropriate social entrepreneurial skills in order to be able to establish their own businesses in the areas the relocated since their arrival in partner countries.The educational content will be determined through the need analysis done in the preliminary section of the project. In this IO an effort is being conducted in order to assist migrants and refugees to learn and develop their own idea on what kind of businesses they would like to be involved in their living areas