Applicant Organisation:



  • ZONGULDAK VALİLİĞİ,-Zonguldak,Turkey

Paydaş is a non profit educational institution founded by reunion of educators. The members are mainly the teaching staff at different types of organisations in the field education.The main aim is to include art into formal,non formal and infomal education.In this respect the association’s regular activities include  organizing training which support the development of supportive educational activities for coaches,educators,facilitators in formal and non formal education.The  activities cover the three main areas: education for personal and professional development ,innovation and digitalization.Running organizations to nurture reciprocal education between teaching staff and educational interaction is  also one of the aims of the association .One of our main missions is to promote entrepreneurship and personal development.Our organization also focuses on developing some innovative training programmes, modules and tools to support the educational resources. Thus, it will have far reaching impacts on the young population of Turkey and all Europe.

PAYDAS cooperates with local and regional level which can involve in project activities related to the scope of the project. Striving to always enrich and improve the education that is provided by our organization, we have adopted and developed different training approaches. Therefore,  previous experiences give the organisation a unique insight of the practical aspects of implementing large scale co-funded projects and also provided us an extremely wide network of collaborating organizations from all over the world.


Danmar Computers Company was established on 1 May 2000 as an IT company. The main objectives of our activities were and still are trainings and IT system implementations. However, over the years, the scope of services provided by Danmar Computers has been regularly extending. In 2001, we started cooperation with PTEA Wszechnica in the city of Krosno, on the implementation of ministerialvprojects, within which we trained teachers in primary, middle and secondaryvschools. Since then, Danmar Computers delivers various types of training forvteachers.vFrom 2003, we are an authorized PearsonvVUE testing centre and can conduct trainings and exams of leading international software vendors. The most popular are CISCO exams.vIn 2007, Danmar Computers joined anvinternational consortium, Concorde, with headquarters in Brussels. Thevconsortium’s goal is working for the European society, towards avknowledge-based society.

In 2008, we began participating in thevHuman Capital Programme. We started with two projects, in one as a partner, invanother as a leader. Both projects are aimed at helping the unemployed on thevregional labour market.In 2017, we started the implementation of 17 projects andvcontinued work on the ongoing ones. Since we had worked on many topics before,vit was easier for us to understand the idea behind new projects and to suggestvinteresting solutions. Among new topics that appeared, extremely important issues included: functioning of start-ups and support for social entrepreneurship, education in the field of science or the development of the drone industry. Yet, we remain to address social issues and implement projects among disadvantaged groups. We hope that each of our projects will contribute to building a better tomorrow that begins today.


The cooperative was founded in 2012 with the aim to promote therespect for
fundamental freedoms, human rights, politics and economic independence, fair
and sustainable development and peopleand individuals’ self-determination; it
conforms to UN Charter principles, this means itis planning to realize
initiatives of development cooperation, humanitarian aid, education, training
and information. It is also inspired by Social Doctrine principles of Catholic
Churchand it adhers to the spirit enunciated by Economy of Communion principle,
with the aim to spread universal brotherhood through the pursuit of socialrights, subsidiarity and solidarity. The cooperative provides the following services:Educational services, Italian literacy and cultural/linguistic mediation, social and legal assistance to a community for minors and SPRAR territorial projects



The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development is a research organization established in 2005, focused on the promotion of entrepreneurship for everyone. The organization’s main activity is the implementation of projects under some of Europe’s most influential and groundbreaking Programmes like the HORIZON 2020 and the ERASMUS+ programmes.

Here in the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, we recognize entrepreneurship as a crucial factor for the development and cohesion of societies. Our mission is simple. We aim at:

  • Promoting Innovation
  • Enhancing the Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Promoting Entrepreneurial Culture
  • Enhancing the Effectiveness and Viability of Enterprises

To promote entrepreneurship in every way, we develop research and we provide innovative, custom-made, realistic solutions that facilitate entrepreneurship and promote employment. We invest in innovation on a daily basis and provide viable solutions to challenges related to entrepreneurship. Through the successful implementation of multiple EU Projects, we are able to get one step closer to our goal of becoming a Center of Excellence in the field of Entrepreneurship across Europe.


“Governorship of Zonguldak” is a public body in Zonguldak and the city is the first Province of Republic of Turkey, 1924. Our country has 81 province and all of the governorships has been working under the hierarchic control of Ministry of Interior. Governorship of Zonguldak, as all governorships, is an umbrella organization in Province which has all the responsibility and sanction on other public bodies and private sector institutions. Location of Zonguldak is on the Western Black Sea of Turkey and Zonguldak is the only city in Turkey which has hard coal reserves. Zonguldak Province has been losing its population since 1980’s. Because diversity of sectors are weak in the province and this weakness cause worklessness heavily. Beside public investments, Governorship of Zonguldak tries to enhance job oppurtunities for people who lives in the province thorough national and international grants. Mining and tourism are the most developed sectors of Zonguldak